Tuesday, 6 May 2014

This morning before breakfast Jinen san showed me how to collect and arrange the flowers for all the altars around the place. There are 4 in the hondo (I think), one in the bathroom, one in the toilet, one in the kitchen and one I've only just discovered in the formal entrance (which we never use). The flowers are changed every 5 days. The photo shows the altar in the kitchen. The flowers pictured grow wild. They resemble an iris but are far more delicate.

After an intense sesshin Lluis and Konrad perform reconstructive surgery on their cushions.

I also mended and tidied up a couple of zafus - but this is one I won't be touching. It belongs to Yudai. It is so carefully done and, besides, he tells me that the stitching has historical significance.


Zafus in the hondo... everyone has different requirements.


Takeo plateing up 15 minutes before 12. Bread is a rare treat. I was so hungry!


Futons airing in the sun. We have been told to air them every 5 days to prevent mould and keep them well fluffed.

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